Deadwooding is one of the best ways to improve your tree’s health! Also the reduced risk of pest a disease affecting the health of your trees.

Why Should you deadwood?

In most cases, we deadwood trees for the safety reasons ie: school playgrounds, walking trails parks, etc… but if a tree is in your garden a has unsightly dead and hanging branches it looks so much better and safer

Also, it’s one of the best ways to keep your trees healthy. Dead and dying back branches invite pests a disease into your trees which may lead to more damage.

Our climbers are able to inspect the deadwood and in most cases determine the course. Most of the time it’s just a natural progression of the trees life and removing it will only serve to make the tree safe and looking its best as well a preventative measure.

If you have a wood fire please let us know as naturally dried wood is one of the best for burning!!


Tree Surgeon Kent